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Thursday, January 14, 2010

BacK To BasicS... "look beauty by a nature"

want to look beauty but its cost expensive to get it..
just forget about it.. now, u can look beauty and healthier with tips i list down so that you can practise it.. 

1) ginger (halia)
wanna have a red cherry lips without put a make up..
try this one.. rub into your lip daily.. insyaallah, your lip will look geourgeous without a lipstick..but mest confirm pedih lip dowhh... jgn laa guna sume, just hirisan nipis..

2) Limau Nipis
some people having some dark spot or pimple scar in their body..
or someone nak bdn licin laa.. blabla.. when you want to take bath, try laa mndi and make massage ngan   limau nih kt badan korg.. insyaallah, kulit akan cerah, licin and harum..

3) tomatoes
tomato nih mang byk faedah nyer.. 
for those want clean and soft skin, you can  apply a tomato with an apple as a mask in ur face.. (parut)..
wait until 10-20 minute and lastly cucu la muke.. DONE!!


4) Green bean
i having a problem with hair fall..
it make me so messy and uncomfortable..
lately terbaca INTREND and really interesting to practise it.. but not have leisure time to do it.. so, korink jela try first.. cara nyer, rendam kacang hijau semalaman n tapis.. gunakan air rendaman td lumur kt kepala korunk.. picit and urut kulit kepala.. hopefully, klu amalkn slalu rambut bru akn tumbuh...

  # malas dah nk tuleh..
want any tips regarding you beauty tips.. beli la INTREND JANUARI 2010.. choww!!! 

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